Olav Ellingsen is a Norwegian inventor

He is founder of, - and has fronted the following enterprises, through his private company Industrikontakt 

THERMTEC AS This is probably the only commercial company.  Mr. Ellingsen licensed out the patent TCC in the middle 1990ties, but some later issues had to be handled in court. The management is independent from Mr. Ellingsen. 

LIFECARE AS Mr. Ellingsens son withdrew from this company in the early 2000 and the family share portfolio has been significantly decreased. Being managed independently today. 

OSMOTEX AS The website of Industrikontakt refers to www.osmotech.no, a website that does not exist. The link http://www.osmotex.ch/en does however bring us to the correct company? Isn't irritating when people do not check links they publish on the net? 

OSMOLIFE AS Ellingsen withdrew from this company after 2000 and his share portfolio has been significantly decreased in value. The company is being managed independently today. An independent manager was brought in around the millenium, but when he suggested a significant lower price in an issue, he was accused of conducting a "hostile takeover agenda" and was dismissed.  The company ended up doing several issues for fresh capital at even lower rates under new management.  After that the company started to move forward in the later part of this first decade. 

METALICA AS  was founded in 1998, but where many early shareholders have had significant losses. Some of these have only themselves to blame.  Many shares were sold immediately after an issue at "issue price" to investors, but with "an extra free share from a large shareholder".  The concept was "2 shares for the price of one", but where the market was informed only on "the paid one".  

In the next issue Metalica could inform the market that they had successful executed an issue at a high rate and price the next issue could be set even higher.  Metalica had their own team of fundraisers in the first decade.  Many of these sold their own shares in this period.  They even conducted issues for outsiders by laying the cost on the Metalica, while putting issue proceeds for the external issues into their own pockets.  More or less like "to have your cake and eat it", not once, - but the same cake twice!  It was a good thing that the investors were never told the truth. 

MULTISENSE AS (Founded in 2006 but the website is still under construction (27.12.2010). 

ELLYCRACK AS (Founded in 1995 and Wescorp Energy INC, Canada - (Ticker WSCE) has invested in the company.

I used to have some shares in this company and that led the following events;  

The company informed their investors on a procedure to sell their shares on their webpages.  In autumn 2006 I contacted their sales representative and sent copy of the e-mail to Mr. Ellingsen asking for help to get rid of my shares.  Nothing happened.  3 months later, I contacted both again, reminding them on my intentions.  Shares in the last issue had been priced at NOK 15,00 and I did not want to disturb the market for Ellycrack shares.  After two reminders, I finally received an offer to buy my shares at NOK 0,50 or 0,35% of the last issue price. 

I might have misunderstood, but most people would take offered price that as an insult as this was not the market price as understood by the company.  I informed Mr. Ellingsen that I would contact other shareholders informing them "on them on my offer at NOK 0,50 from the sales representative of the company and asking them whether anyone would give me a higher price".  Such information of  a ridiculous low price might create havoc, especially for the Canadian company  that is listed in Canada, that who would have to adjust the value of their holdings in Ellycrack. 

In the next 5 weeks nothing happened, and I informed Mr. Ellingsen again that in two days time; - "the letters to the investors would be sent".  3 days later and one day after the letters were sent, Mr. Ellingsen reacted.  "On the assumption that the letters to the investors was not distributed "an investor" would pay NOK 5,00 for my shares".  I told him that he was a day late to stop the letters. He became a somewhat agitated and wanted the exact wording on the letter to Wescorp INC, Canada "so he could stop the letter".  That letter later came in return so he was successful. I however got rid of my shares.  

His revenge took place at the yearly assembly where I was named as "The Big Shit that ht the Fan". Participants have told me that I was even blamed for the lack of technical breakthrough, but I can live with that. I have never been involved in the technical development at Ellycrack and have not even seen the actual apparatus.  

It is not nice to talk in negative terms of other people, but if anyone do harm to others, i.e. physically, mentally or financially, - that person opens up for comments.  In this context the Net is great.  "Hear and say no evil", and you will go though life without having your eyes scratched out.... I have said it before, but say it again; "Why tell a lie, when the truth is just as useful".  

The company Ellycrack used to be GRAND BOATS INTERNATIONAL AS but changed its name in 2001. 

(Mr. Ellingsen has maintained a large yacht "Livlaga" for years, a boat directly linked to Grand Boats Int. Under the annual ONS exhibition in Srtavanger, the bill for staying the marina in Stavanger was sent to Eureka Oil/Carbon Oil AS several times, while he himself kept income from "hotel guests"  As Eureka Oil-Carbon Oil was a limited company with several hundred owners, such behavior comes under the term "attempted embezzlement".  

TARBLASTER AS (The Industrikontakt website refers to www.tarblaster.no but that URL is incorrect.

Company publication on the net may easily give the opposite effect.  How can you trust a complex scientific venture to do their job, when they fail in the simplest of tasks? "Research" means doing tasks again and again, - until you have undisputable proof

EUREKA OIL AS, Later CARBON OIL AS used to be listed along with his successes, but that company went bankrupt in 2009.  His close associates Hauke Jürgens and Fritz Wegmann will continue their involvement in 2011 with the new owners after the old shareholders lost their shares

Even if Carbon Oil AS is history, it "lives" in the capable hands of Olav Ellingsen.  He has registered the phone number to his vacation home at Dale in Western Norway to Carbon Oil ASA.  The invoices to this phone number has never been presented to Carbon Oil AS and Ellingsen has paid these privately.  Why he registers his private phone to a company that is not his own - baffles me, but it could be that Carbon Oil ASA has always paid its phone bills in time. 

Even several years after the sudden death of Carbon Oil ASA this phonenumber lives on (Updated 16.9.2012)

Other patented ventures that was previously listed at industrikontakt.com are. 


Rainmaker (Not an indigenous North American ritual)


Starwar (Not the film by George Lucas but a vaccine concept)

CO free

Grass Spread





and many other patents.

A very productive inventor in other words, and with private financial success in selling shares in his different ventures.